25 Apr 2024

SAU Honors Exceptional Faculty and Staff by Kicking Off Weekly Spotlight

In a bold move to honor the unsung heroes of Saint Augustine’s University, the Office of Marketing & Communications has introduced a weekly faculty and staff spotlight initiative. This initiative is designed to acknowledge the exceptional individuals who have surpassed expectations in their contributions to SAU during these challenging times, expressing our deep appreciation for their steadfast commitment.

Despite the financial and accreditation challenges, Saint Augustine’s University stands firm in its pursuit of excellence and resilience. The weekly faculty and staff spotlights are not just a testament to the unwavering spirit and dedication permeating every aspect of SAU, but also a beacon of hope and optimism. They inspire pride and admiration in the SAU community, dispelling doubts about the university’s future and fostering a sense of collective optimism.

Selected through a peer voting system, which involved faculty and staff nominating their colleagues online and expressing why they should be recognized, these exceptional faculty and staff members have excelled in their roles and served as beacons of inspiration and unity within the SAU community. This peer recognition underscores the respect and admiration they have earned from their colleagues, further highlighting their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts that have played a pivotal role in shaping the present and future of SAU.

The following members of SAU’s Faculty and Staff received recognition this week:


Dr. Michael Brown

Associate Vice President of Health Initiatives
Dean, School of Public Health and Health Sciences
Assistant Professor, Public Health

“Dr. Brown has brought a freshness and creativity to this department. He is a people’s person and spends time with his staff sharing ideas and plans to enhance the overall decorum of the department. He strides for excellent in this department.”

Professor Brittini Bryant

Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education & Assistant Volleyball Coach

“Professor Bryant served as the chair of the Ad Hoc Action Committee and spent many off-duty hours presiding over this meeting for the Faculty Assembly so that can make an informed decision. She enjoys work with the students and puts the same amount of energy in seeing that her students understand the assignments and is successful in her class as well as outside the classroom.”

Dr. Iyailu Moses

Chair & Assistant Professor of Elementary Education

“She is committed to her students, not only in the classroom, but in every aspect of their matriculation. She goes above and beyond in ensuring that they are successful. She is my Shero here at SAU.”

Dean Van Sapp

Dean of the School of Business, Management and Technology

“Dean Van Sapp has shown exemplary dedication to the success of School of Business graduates and current students by tirelessly working to secure prestigious roles and providing access to invaluable resources.”


Mr. Jeremy Ortega

Pre/Post Award Specialist

“Although Mr. Jeremy is not in my department, I would strongly recommend him as a colleague who deserves recognition for his outstanding contributions in the Office of Sponsored Programs. When he worked with Mrs. Sousa, I was impressed by his dedication and commitment towards meeting deadlines, knowledge about his domain, work ethics, and eye for perfection. I had several interactions with him, and the discussions demonstrated his passion and excellence. Furthermore, I must acknowledge that Jeremy never shows disappointment about anything. He has a very positive demeanor and is usually smiling. He filled my heart with appreciation for him when he greeted me with ‘Namaste’ (an Indian greeting) every morning on campus, demonstrating his spirit of inclusivity. Therefore, I’d like to recognize and celebrate his contributions to Saint Augustine’s University for everything he does without reservation.”

Mrs. Cynthia E. King

Administrative Assistant of the Office of TRIO Programs

“For over 40 years, Mrs. King has given unwavering support to Saint Augustine’s University in a variety of positions, mainly with the institution’s TRIO Programs.  She is a team player, an advisor, and confidant to colleagues, students, and the TRIO Director. Once given a task, one can feel secure that it will be done exceedingly well and passing expectations. SAU needs more individuals like Mrs. King who will always demonstrate professionalism and integrity.”

“I feel certain that, if presented with the opportunity to be chosen for the “SAU Staff Spotlight,” she will be an asset to the collegiate community. Therefore, I ardently recommend Mrs. Cynthia E. King to you, without reservations.”

Mr. Christopher Taylor

Chief Technology Officer 

“[He] has single-handedly, made the IT department better for the institution.”

Ms. Veronica Williams

Staff Accountant

“I nominate Ms. Williams for her leadership and that she goes beyond to help her teammates. She is dedicated to SAU mission.”

Coach Sandy Chapman

Head Cross Country Coach

Assistant Track & Field Coach

“Last week, I saw Sandy cutting grass with a push mower. First, by Shipping and Receiving. The second time, he was mowing by the plots. He then traveled to Greensboro for a track meet. DEDICATION!”